Whitelist Manager

If you checked the Minting for whitelisted addresses only option when you launched your collection (or you changed this setting via the Edit metadata page), you can use the whitelist manager feature. You can click the Manage whitelist button on your dashboard to change your whitelisted addresses.

You can add new addresses that are allowed to mint NFT editions of your collection. You can separate them with new lines if you need to add multiple addresses. Each address will be allowed to mint 1 edition by default. To allow an address to mint more than once, type the address multiple times.

To remove one of the whitelisted addresses, please put the address in the Remove from the list section and submit the transaction. Due to the on-chain data structure, you're not able to remove multiple addresses at the same time. You need to remove one address at a time.

If your collection is only mintable for whitelisted addresses, the minting button won't be active for non-whitelisted addresses.

If you want to remove all the whitelisted addresses and begin to add new addresses from scratch, you can go to the Edit metadata page, unclick the Minting for whitelisted addresses only button, and submit changes. With these changes, your whitelisted addresses will all be removed. And then, click this option again and submit changes. Then you can start to add the new whitelisted addresses from the scratch.

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