Earning $DIXEL Reward

Dixel Club is the first-ever Draw to Earn PixelFi NFT platform. Whenever people generate a new edition of Dixel Art, each pixel price increases by 0.1% after the overwriting. These price-compounded pixels decide the minting cost of the edition that the user is creating. 10% of the minting cost that the user pays will be distributed to the people who previously overwrote pixels. The other 90% will be reserved in a refundable contract for the owner of this edition and they can get the funds if they burn this NFT later.

Click the Reward page on the top navigation menu, then you will see the reward claiming page. Whenever someone creates new edition of Dixel Art (meaning that the person paid the minting cost), 10% of the paid DIXEL tokens distribute to the people who previously overwrote pixels. In that page, you can see the cumulated DIXEL rewards you've earned so far.

The reward calculation is based on your pixel contribution ratio. Whenever you mint new NFT, the number of pixels you overwrote are added to the total number of pixels you overwrote so far. Your DIXEL rewards keep cumulating by the share of your pixel contribution to the total overwritten pixels by all people. For example, 5 DIXEL will be added to your claimable rewards when someone spent 100 DIXEL tokens to mint the new edition and your pixel contribution share is 50% (100 * 10% * 50%).

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