Burning NFT

When you mint a new Dixel Art, 90% of your minting cost will be reserved in a refundable contract. What does this mean? This is the baseline of your NFT valuation. When the person who owns this NFT burns it, the 90% DIXEL tokens will be refunded to them.

Click the Burn NFT menu, then you will see the Dixel Art NFTs that you own with a Burn button. Each NFT shows how much DIXEL tokens reserved in its refund wallet. Choose the NFT you want to burn and click the Burn button.

When you click the Burn button, you will get the DIXEL tokens that the NFT held in the refund wallet, and the NFT will go to the burn address. In this way, each Dixel Art NFT has a sustainable baseline of its valuation based on the refundable DIXEL token value. Burning NFT will also increase the rareness of the Dixel Art NFTs.

The burned NFT will appear on the Gallery view as below.

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