Dixel Club

Platform Fees

Collection Creation Fee

When you launch a collection via Dixel Club, the following fees will be charged as well as the gas transaction fees (they can change promptly due to market value changes):
  • Ethereum Network: 0.01 ETH
  • BNB Chain: 0.05 BNB
  • Klaytn Network: 65 KLAY
  • Polygon: 20 MATIC
  • OKX Chain: 1 OKT

Minting Payment Operation Fee

If a collection has set the minting cost, users will pay the minting payment for the collection creator. There is a 5% operation fee for the minting payment transaction. For example, 0.005 ETH will be deducted when the minting payment is 0.1 ETH, so a total 0.095 ETH will be sent to the creator's wallet from the minter's payment.