Dixel NFT Academy: Create/Mint NFTs with no-code tool


  • A one to two hours session that provides a complete NFT course using Dixel Club (, an NFT creation/minting tool with no-code and no-design complications.

  • Participants can experience the full cycle of an NFT project and market trend by creating an NFT collection with pixel generative arts.

  • The Dixel Club team can provide this session for free including the gas transaction fees so that the company can proceed this session without any hassle.

Program content

TitleComplete NFT Session: Create/Mint NFTs with no-code tool


YoungHwi Cho, Co-founder and Designer at HUNT (HUNT is a company specialised in DApps - Decentralised Applications).

About the instructor

YoungHwi Cho is a co-founder and designer of HUNT. The HUNT team has built many DApps (Decentralised Applications) over the past five years and YoungHwi Cho has led the user-level interface, user experience, and community design on top of the decentralised network. He has designed,,,, and many other DApps so far.

Session Type 1 (1 hour)

  • NFT ecosystem and trend (15โ€)

  • NFT collection creation demo (15โ€)

  • People can experience minting NFT editions (10โ€)

  • Creating Discord group and experiencing NFT verification using (10โ€)

  • Closing and Q&A (10โ€)

Minimum of 5 people needed for the session / there is no maximum limit for the participants (large numbers are welcome)

Session Type 2 (2 hours)

Section 1

  • NFT ecosystem and trend (15โ€)

  • Explaining group activities - NFT collection creation and minting process (5โ€)

  • Group activities and discussion (30โ€)

Break Time (10โ€)

Section 2

  • Each team pitches their NFT collection and other people can join minting (3 mins per team, max 30โ€)

  • Creating Discord group / Using (20โ€)

  • Closing (10โ€)

4 - 7 people per team / max 10 teams per the session 70 max participants

Other details

  • You can choose either of the types as you prefer.

  • Both on- and off-line sessions are possible.

  • Language: English or Korean

Benefits for the company/group

  • Thereโ€™s no need to set up any devs/designers for this session operation. The Dixel Club tool can cover the entire journey of the session.

  • The participants can quickly experience the full cycle of launching an NFT project within 1 hour. They will get the actual NFTs they minted after this session.

  • By minimising the lecture and focusing on group activities, the participants can have fun learning about the NFT market.

Cost to run the session

  • If it's an on-line session or off-line session hosted in South Korea, it is free.

  • If itโ€™s an off-line session hosted outside of South Korea, travel expenses may need to be covered by the host.

Examples of NFT sessions

SFO Tech Days by Google San Francisco

  • Google San Francisco invited the Dixel Club team to talk about NFT/Web3 market trends during its 3 day program - SFO Tech Days (Nov 2, 2022).

TOSS (ใˆœ๋น„๋ฐ”๋ฆฌํผ๋ธ”๋ฆฌ์นด)

  • TOSS is one of the most renowned tech/finance companies in Korea (

  • The NFT session was performed on Sept 13, 2022 at the TOSS company building.


  • LINE NEXT, a child company of LINE Corporation, is focused on developing and growing the global NFT business (

  • The NFT session was performed on Oct 21, 2022 at the LINE company building.

Force Community (

Sogang University MBA

  • The NFT session was performed on Oct 11, 2022 at Sogang University Seoul campus.

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