Minting Dixel Art NFT

How to mint the next edition of Dixel Art NFT

1. When you go to the main page, you will see the Connect Wallet button on the top right. Please select your preferred BSC wallet.

2. Click the Draw button on the top menu bar, then you will go to the 16x16 pixel art canvas. In that page, you will see the latest Dixel Art NFT minted on Dixel Club. You can overwrite each pixel to make a new NFT edition. You can change the entire current edition or edit a few pixels for your preference. Please note that your minting cost may increase when you try to overwrite more pixels.

3. While you're working on your drawing, someone may have minted the new edition earlier than you. In that case, you will see the sync notification on the bottom of your screen as below.

When you click the sync button, you can see the pop-up window where you can choose to merge with the newly minted edition or ignore the changes and apply your design. If you choose option 2, there may be a big difference of minting cost due to the updated overwriting pixels.

4. Once you finish your drawing, click the Create NFT button. In the pop-up window, you can review your overwriting pixels, total minting cost, the amount of 90% refundable tokens and 10% reward distributions.

5. That's it. Once you approve your transaction, your Dixel Art NFT will be minted by paying the minting cost in DIXEL tokens.

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