Creator's Guide

Before you start to launch your collection, please make sure:

  • You're launching an ERC-721 compatible collection.

  • You choose either Ethereum, BNB Chain, or Klaytn as a base network.

  • You have enough native tokens (e.g. ETH for Ethereum, BNB for BNB Chain, or KLAY for Klaytn) to pay the gas fee and the collection creation fee.

  • All the information including your pixel art and collection details will be broadcasted on blockchain, meaning that more data you put the more expensive the gas fee will be. Also, some of the data can't be altered after it's registered on-chain.

1. Connect wallet

2. Draw your pixel art

Click the Launch a collection button on the navigation menu. Then, you will see the 24 x 24 pixel art canvas where you can draw pixel art for your NFT collection.

Please note:

  1. When you draw the pixel art, you're creating the genesis edition of your collection (the #0 edition).

  2. Users can mint various colour editions of your genesis edition, so it is important to create a well-designed genesis edition that can look great with many colour variants.

  3. You can set up to 16 colour traits. The colour traits are the colour properties that you use for your design. For example, if your drawing has 5 colour traits, your users can change the five colour sets.

  4. Your drawing will be fully uploaded on blockchain with a decodable SVG vector image.

Now, let's check out the drawing interface which has three sections: 24 x 24 pixel canvas, drawing tools, and a colour palette.

The colour palette will show you the 16 default colours to use. Once you use a colour on your design, the bottom tag will show how many pixels that colour has used. You can change the set colours by clicking the edit button.

You can replace each colour with a different one on the pop-up mix panel. Please note the whole pixels that use the colour trait will be changed when you replace a colour that is already used on your art.

3. Set the collection details

Once you finish your drawing work, click the Finish Drawing button below the pixel canvas. Then, the side bar will appear and you will be able to set the following details for your collection:

  1. Deploying network: Ethereum, Klaytn, BSC (BNB Chain)

  2. Name: the title of your NFT collection

  3. Symbol: the token symbol by which the NFT collection contract should be known

  4. Description: the detailed information about your collection (max 1,000 characters). Please note that long descriptions will require a more expensive gas fee.

  5. Max items: the maximum number of editions that the collection can have (1 - 1,000,000)

  6. Minting cost: the price to mint each edition of your collection. The minting payment goes directly to your wallet after deducting the 5% operation fee.

When you click the Show advanced settings button, you can set the advanced options for your collection including:

  1. Minting for whitelisted addresses only: if this is checked, your collection will only be for the selected addresses. Any other addresses that are not added to the whitelist of the collection won't be able to mint its edition. To learn more about this, please check out the Whitelist Manager.

  2. Hidden: if this is checked, your collection won't be shown on the main page of the Dixel Club. The collectors will only be able to visit your collection via the collection page link.

  3. Creator earnings: the royalties that are charged to the sellers when the NFTs are sold in marketplaces. The number you put here will only work as an on-chain data that may or may not be applied to each NFT marketplace.

  4. Minting starts: the date and time when the minting begins. Users can't mint the edition earlier than this set date.

4. Deploy the collection on-chain

When you click Next, you can send the information on blockchain to create the NFT collection and the genesis edition (#0 of your collection). If your wallet is not connected, please connect your wallet to proceed to the next step.

When you click the Create Collection button, your wallet will ask you to pay the gas and collection creation fees. Please note that it won't be able to revoke this process and the fees taken are not refundable.

When the on-chain transaction is done, you will see the success screen as below.

When you visit your collection page, you will see the genesis edition (#0) that you drew, and it is now ready to gather collectors who want to mint editions of your collection. If you have set the minting starting time to a later date, the minting button won't be active yet.

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