Community Airdrop

BSC network has amazing NFT communities, so we have decided that we will run a fun community airdrop of $DIXEL tokens (the platform token to mint the new edition of Dixel Art NFT), among the major NFT platform users on BSC.

Who will be the target for the airdrop?

Any user who has used the following currency pairs for NFT purchases via the following platforms before the snapshot time:

  • AirNFT (BNB pair | Contract - 0xF5db804101d8600c26598A1Ba465166c33CdAA4b | Starting block - 6467286)

  • PancakeSwap NFT (BNB pair | Contract - 0x17539cCa21C7933Df5c980172d22659B8C345C5A | Starting block - 11352302)

  • BakerySwapV3 NFT (BAKE, BUSD, DOGGY pairs | Contract - 0x047c5ED6374BD9c73e6e1779d6769a967Bb5c898 | Starting block - 10295034)

  • MintedVodka (BNB pair | Contract - 0x0BDF3a37e377ba53235a36F3A9Bc38e9a4Aa98d4 | Starting block - 8372753)

  • Mint Club (users who purchased smart tokens via the Mint Club protocol | 8944612)

The snapshot has been taken from the beginning of each NFT contract to 14,747,777 blockheight (roughly Jan 28, 2022, 02:26:49 AM UTC). Any purchases after the snapshot time will NOT be considered.

How to calculate the individual airdrop amount

Spending record threshold (spending amount less than this will be ignored):

  • NFT spent: 0.1 BNB

  • Mint Club spent: 1,000,000 MINT

There will be a max and low cap for DIXEL airdrop amount, so the maximum airdrop amount (max cap) will not be bigger than 300 times the lowest amount (low cap).

Eligible addresses to get airdrops

A total of 36,137 addresses from the NFT and Mint Club communities on the BSC networks mentioned above are eligible to claim the airdrop tokens.

You can check the full list of the eligible addresses here:

Airdrop period

The airdrop will begin at the same time as the minting of the 1st Dixel Art edition (at the 15040000 block height | estimation - Feb 7, 2022, 06:02 UTC). The airdrop claim page will close on March 31, 2022, 15:00 UTC.

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